Team members

The Team

Ivonne Schmidt

Chief Architect and Co-founder

Born in the former German Democratic Republic, Ivonne Schmidt started her studies nine years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Her study path was all image-related computer sciences with medicine. She worked on a variety of subjects from image segmentation algorithms to educational applications for surgery planning.
At Charité University Clinic in Berlin she invented a software development kit for image compression and viewing in pathology. After receiving her master‘s degree in engineering, she started to work for Agfa HealthCare in Germany and later led the Solution Management for enterprise application integration.
She co-founded IMAGITIVE and started to work as a software development freelancer for Windows and later with a passion for iOS apps.

  • Educational background and long experience in image processing.
  • Main engineer of all algorithmical technologies.
  • Responsible for research and development.

Lars Schmidt

Chief Product Manager and Co-founder

Lars was born in the Federal Republic of Germany. After nearly two years of working as a hospital nurse, he decided to study “Computational Visualistics” with a focus on clinical use of images. He joined Ivonne at Charité University to develop an innovative approach to compress and transfer pathology images of unprecedented size at that time.
He started to work for Agfa HealthCare in 2006 in different service positions to roll out the clinical information system "Orbis" on a European scale. Later on he became a Business Manager at Agfa HealthCare. In this position he managed and consulted the local sales organizations in various European countries, such as France, Belgium and the UK. He co-founded IMAGITIVE and joined full-time in 2012 to position and market the technology which includes the establishment of appropriate channels in Germany and Europe.

  • Educational background in computer science.
  • Responsible for the intersection of technology and business development.

Philippe Collard

Corporate Strategy and Sales

Born in France, Philippe Collard is a graduate from one of France’s Grandes Ecoles. He started his career at the French Atomic Energy Agency, in the Biophysics Department, working on medical image processing. He was then recruited in 1983 by UCLA to participate in the development of the first clinical Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging system. He then joined the California Space Institute (headed by Sally Ride, the 1st US woman astronaut) to work on the International Space Station real-time systems and on satellite imaging projects for weather modeling. He was an advisor to the US Senate sponsored panel on Automation & Robotics for space exploration.
In 1990, he moved to the business world and held several product line management positions for several high-tech companies in California. Having relocated to Montreal, he became, in 1997, the President and CEO of Virtual Prototypes, which he turned around and got listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1999. In the following years, he turned around two other companies (one of them also listed on the TSE). Since then, he has advised many start-ups and growing businesses in a multitude of markets (biotech, aerospace, high-tech).
He was the Chairman of the Board of a small venture investment fund between 1999 and 2002 and advised many large financial institutions with respect to innovative funding instruments for start-ups. He sat on many Board of Directors. He has also coached and continues to coach many entrepreneurs. He has made numerous appearances on TV and radio. He became a US citizen in 1993.

  • Educational background in electrical engineering and long-standing management experience.
  • Responsible for the corporate strategy and funding.