Latest updates

Aniy is now integrated with Facebook

Version 1.4 of Aniy now offers the option to publish selected frames of an animo to Facebook. The user requires nothing more than a Facebook account. The frame images are of course converted by Facebook to fit a different size and quality. An entire animo can still be shared by e-mail, of course.

Aniy is released to the App Store

IMAGITIVE is pleased to announce that it has released Aniy to the Apple App Store. Aniy is an application that allows a user to capture scenes called “animos” with an iPhone or an iPad. An animo is a sequence of images captured at a user-selected frame rate and image resolution.
In essence, you capture an animo in exactly the same way Hollywood movies are made: frame by frame. Once you have captured an animo, you can replay the whole sequence of images as a movie or review it frame by frame. You can share animos with your friends, or even send a single frame of your animos...
Download Aniy from the App Store.
The full press release is available here.

We will exhibit at Web Summit 2014

Many people call it the "Davos for geeks " and we will attend this big tech conference in Dublin this year. We were chosen to exhibit our technology as part of the Alpha program this year. If you are interested to meet us and learn more about our technology and products, simply send us a mail.
Our exact dates are November 4th and 5th. On the fist day you find us on the ALPHA campus in the Village (ETP149), the second day we are in the entrance hall of the Village, just when you enter the building. We are looking forward to seeing you in Dublin.