A few Examples of Applications

There is a myriad of businesses that have the need to deliver Rich Media Content to their customers - enterprises or consumers. Any application that needs to deliver lots of images and videos is a candidate to be developed with DaVinci.

Social media

Social media customers expect to take photos quickly, share and upload very quickly and store a large amount of images at the provider's hardware infrastructure. In other words size and speed of delivery are the most important aspects. DaVinci reduces the infrastructure costs for the provider and at the same time enables a better quality of the images. Users can view their images faster while requiring less data to be transferred.

Product presentations

When you present your product you want it to be in the best possible light, showing all great details there are. Looking at the product from different angles and at a high resolution increases the size of the image significantly. With the regular image technology stack this can make customers get frustrated quickly because the waiting time can become very annoying.
DaVinci enables to capture an entire stack of images of an object and provide this to customers as a fluent animation and within seconds.

Mobile marketing

The challenge with mobile marketing is that appealing images need to be delivered to a very large variety of devices without disturbing the user. Traditional solutions send more data than actually required and scale the image on the device or redundant copies of the images are created to address the different resolutions and to minimize the data transfer. DaVinci takes care of transfering only the required data for a certain device and resolution and avoids the burden of keeping redundant copies for different devices completely.

Medicine and life science

Almost all medical disciplines are able to generate images digitally. The data volume can be enormous, image quality and quick availability - also in remote locations and in the cloud - ensure that correct treatment decisions can be taken by the physician who is most qualified. The same situation can be found in research and the pharmaceutical industry. In those demanding areas all of DaVinci's advantages come into play: The largest images, different connections and devices with very high performance required.
The DaVinci demo app "imageFLOW.mobile" shows all the technology advances.