Benefits of the DaVinci Technology

With our compression technology the size of the files that are stored on the server are at least cut by half in the worst case and by up 20 in the best case. In addition, a single file hosts all the required information, even for multiple images. Redundant copies, e.g. to have thumbnails available quickly, are not required anymore. Information can also be accessed quicker as the information is not spread on the hard disk.
Our technology is solely based on software and can run on any operating system. It uses acceleration technology of certain hardware providers, like for example for ARM CPU's in modern mobile devices or for Intel CPU's to get the maximum out of the existing hardware in terms of performance or battery life.
We incorporated all of our expertise about image technology in the DaVinci framework in a way that no specific knowledge is required to start actually using the DaVinci technology. Only a few very simple steps are required to integrate the technical framework into existing apps.
We are able to describe an entire image with just 2-3 kilobytes to create an initial version of an image on a screen. Constant updates depending on the navigation behaviour of the user deliver more and more data when needed. This reduces the network requirements of both server and client.
Especially for mobile users this reduction of data means to view extremely large sets of images and videos without incurring a high cost of network utilization. For application providers, they can cut the size of their network infrastructure by an order of magnitude (or leverage what they have already deployed).
A higher quality in our world means that not only no compression artifacts make viewing less pleasant for the user but more information can actually be perceived.
DaVinci transfers less data and uses all hardware features that contribute to performance. In other words: it is highly optimized. So it is no surprise that the performance is better than with standard technology. In certain situations, if e.g. many images in a row need to be transferred and displayed, it is by a matter of minutes faster.