Background and Experience


We, at imagitive, are absolutely passionate about images and this has been the case for a very long time. The founders have studied computer science with a major in image processing and computer graphics. After 15 years of working with images in many different areas, the same issues and questions kept being raised over and over. They stem from the same common problems:

  • Image files have become very large and there are a lot more digital images now than in the past (by orders of magnitude)
  • Smaller versions for thumbnails and different devices require copies at degraded resolution
  • It takes too much time to get an image from point A to point B
  • End users expect to be able to visualize images on many different platforms
We set ourselves the goal to create technologies and products that enables the acquisition, storage, transfer, viewing and processing of very large images in the most efficient way.


We have been working with images of different kinds for a very long time and in different areas, for example:

  • Pathology, digital microscopy, whole-body imaging (CT, MRI, PET)
  • Satellite imaging
  • Defense applications
  • Security applications
  • Video processing
At the core, our products are based on the ISO JPEG2000 standard, which we have augmented with a host of new technologies and algorithms. We have a closed relationship with New South Innovations which provides the Kakadu toolkit (University of South Wales, Sydney, Australia). JPEG2000 is very powerful but not a very easy standard to use. For the past 10 years, we have perfected the way to derive as much performance from the standard in the easiest possible fashion.